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Should I Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10

MIcrosoft Windows 10

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably wondering whether or not to upgrade to Windows 10. To help you, here are some tips that take into account different hardware and software configurations.

The release of Windows 10 brings a common question: Upgrade or not?

That’s it: Windows 10 has arrived. And those who have not participated in the Microsoft Windows Insider program ask themselves a simple question: “Should I switch to Windows 10 or not?  Here are our basic thoughts and tips.

First, we remind you that the Windows 10 update was free until July 29, 2016 for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8. After this date, you will have to buy the OS at the public price to take the plunge. Once Windows 10 is installed, Microsoft will deliver for more than a decade the updates of its system without subscription fees, and without intermediate “killer” version, as suggested by some alarmist information.

If your machine runs (still) on Windows XP

You really should consider upgrading to a newer operating system. A Windows XP machine connected to the Internet represents a clear security risk. Unfortunately, Windows XP users can not benefit from a free update. In addition, there is no guarantee that their old hardware will be able to run Windows 10. We recommend these users to buy a new PC that came with Windows 10. If they really do not want to think about this alternative, for security reasons , we advise them to at least switch to a Linux distribution that is easy to use and compatible with their current PC. Note that if you still use Office 2003 on your Windows XP machine, this productivity suite is incompatible with Windows 8 or Windows 10 .

If your machine runs on Windows Vista

Windows 10 brings a clear improvement over this operating system. But, again, Windows Vista users can not benefit from a free, up-to-date update. Despite a difficult start, a PC with a fully up-to-date Vista system is working reasonably well. And this system will continue to receive security updates until April 2017. Probably, the owner of a Windows Vista computer will not want to splurge to switch to Windows 10. We can advise him to put this money aside to buy soon a Windows 8 PC, whose prices are becoming very attractive these days. Anyway, make sure that your configuration meets the hardware requirements of Windows 10,

If your machine is running Windows 7

When launching Windows 8, we recommended Windows 7 users not to upgrade if Windows 7 was right for them, because of the drastic interface change brought by Windows 8 and the poor performance of this system. Windows 8.1 has corrected the most obvious problems, and today Windows 10 is a bit of a clever mix of the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Unlike Windows 8, the move to Windows 10 will be much simpler even for those who have been using Windows 7 for a long time and they should go to Windows 10 right away.

Windows 10 still contains Modern UI (ex Metro) Windows 8 apps and questionable Microsoft services. But the new system has incorporated the changes made to Windows 8, namely: an ultra-fast startup time, the ability to associate storage spaces with Storage Spaces Pool, improved network features, a much better Task Manager, synchronization with OneDrive which allows you to keep your preferences from one PC to another, and so on. The list of benefits is long, and there is no longer the ugly startup screen, full-screen Modern UI applications and their associated learning curve.

The list of new features in Windows 10 is also long: the Cortana Digital Assistant, the virtual desktops, the DirectX 12 graphics API that improves performance and promises to boost future generations of games. So, if you put it all together, plus the fact that the upgrade is free, there is little risk and some advantages to leaving behind his trusty Windows 7. But one thing could still hold you: if you are a Windows Media Center user. Because Windows 10 does not support or include the WMC, even if you are updating from a system that already has WMC installed. That said, WMC is sentenced to death and you can still find alternative solutions – the Xbox One has largely replaced WMC in the living room – to take advantage of the update to Windows 10. And, if you upgrade a Windows system with WMC, to Microsoft will deliver an alternative drive later this year. And by then, VLC is free and works perfectly well.

If your machine is running Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

In this case, we recommend that you upgrade. Simple as that.

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